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  • Creativity at Its Source

    There are seasons where creativity flows like water, and seasons where it’s a dried up riverbed long after the rains left.  Doesn’t matter what the outpouring is, be it writing or painting or designing or composing… eventually the creativity runs dry for a time.  Maybe life’s other events take center stage, like a new baby…

  • I, Cartographer?

    It ain’t easy learning new skills.

  • Adventure Idea: Goblin infested mine

    Adventure Idea: Goblin infested mine

    I have been playing around with an abandoned mine in a forest as a plot for the campaign I DM. Probably going to set it up so that goblins have taken over and the mine owner would like the party to clear it out. Obviously, there will need to be a mine map to accompany…

  • Inside a writer’s mind

    A brief hello from CateMonster

  • Giant Problems

    Giant Problems

    In the Northern lake town of Helgard, frost flowers are blooming on the frozen ice. As soon as the temperatures plummet low enough for the lake to “bloom flowers of ice”, the residents throw a large 21 day celebration, ignited by large flares sent up from the guard tower on the west side of town.…

  • Vinehelm Swamp

    Vinehelm Swamp

    Our mapmaker is hard at work producing new content. Today, he has created a swamp map. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Adventure – Fort Waernell

    Adventure – Fort Waernell

    Prove yourself to the Adventurer’s Guild in the town of Perlshaw by surviving the night in the abandoned fort outside of town. Fort Waernell is a Fifth Edition one shot adventure for 4 to 5 characters of 2nd to 3rd level and is optimized for a party of 4 characters with an average party level…

  • Scrub Brush Hills Encounter Map

    Scrub Brush Hills Encounter Map

    We are learning how to work with map making software. This is the first random encounter map we made. The hills and scrub brush are designed to provide lots of places for cover and concealment from ranged attacks while offering the high ground to ranged attackers. Lots of opportunities for strategy instead of tank-and-spank. This…

  • Merchant Trail Encounter Maps

    Merchant Trail Encounter Maps

    We are starting to learn how to work with map making software. This is the second random encounter map we have made. The terrain features are designed to provide space for ranged attacks, tactical retreats – by the party or the enemy NPCs – into cover and concealment, something that we have noticed is missing…

  • Creative Construction

    Thank you for visiting, we are working on our first few adventures for the 5th Edition to the world’s greatest roleplaying game. We know this site is rather bare right now, but we promise creative and engaging stories will be appearing shortly.

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