Inside a writer’s mind

Blogging is funny business.  Maybe it’s explaining an idea, or concept in a manner that clarifies or inspires.  Maybe it’s a how-to for a DIY.  Maybe it’s sharing repeatable knowledge so the next person can do what you’ve successfully done.  When you’re a philosopher writer, it’s as much wanting to inspire as it is to share an inspired creation.  Or at least, that’s my current conversational method.  “Here, have this beautiful story I’ve written, mixed with a little 4th wall breaking so we can chat about it.”  That’s probably not the best or brightest idea ever, but you and me, we need to get to know each other, have a virtual cup of coffee, as it were. 

Over the years, I’ve written lots of things, many of them lost to me now.  What I do have is a rather voluminous collection of poetry, prose, short stories, unfinished novels, and random diary entries that date back… well… decades.  And that’s all we’ll say about that.  These are all things that I didn’t feel like sharing, for one reason or another, so someday, these boxes of paper will disintegrate or be released into the world by my progeny.  As it stands now, “look at all this stuff that I’ve accomplished that I don’t want you to see yet.”

So instead, I’m embarking on this journey of creating things that the world *is* meant to see.  And as in all things, I will be growing with each new adventure (literally and figuratively).  On that note, let me take a moment to tip the hat to the adventures themselves.  Cuttlefish Press is currently dedicated to creating all-inclusive original content for 5th edition players.  Theoretically, the content can be changed over to fit other versions or games with some tweaking by a GM.  An idea is an idea is an idea, and I don’t care if you download one of these one shots and decide to run Vampire with it.  It’s on you to make vampires out of goblins, however. 

Generally speaking, Cuttlefish Press is more than just a place to find some one shot adventures.  We have much larger plans than that.  Did you catch my mention to piles of short stories and unfinished novels?  Well, someday maybe I’ll finish work on some of those.  Or I’ll find a new novel inside me.  Or I’ll find other talented authors that want to share their stories here.  Who knows?  The world it big and wide and full of surprises.

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